Teamphoto Windtunnel

HOLI 300

The High Output Low Input
Small Wind Turbine



A Game Changer

Four Blades

Optimized for Low Wind Speeds

Produced by 3D Printing

Excellent Efficiency



Proven Technology

No Gearbox

No Brushes

Full 300 Watts

Safety System


Nothing Left to Doubt

Bike Disc Brake

Arduino-Based Safety Controller

Remote Condition Monitoring

Awarded for Performance
Winner of the 2014 International Wind Turbine Design
Contest held at NHL Hogeschool, Netherlands

Built by Students

The HOLI 300 Wind Turbine was built by Wind Engineering students. To strengthen the small wind turbine community, we would like to share our experiences with you free of charge.


With excellent aerodynamics and fail-safe safety features being designed from scratch, this turbine is aimed to challenge everything you know about small wind turbines!

A Winner

At the 2014 International Wind Turbine Design Contest held in the Netherlands, our wind turbine was awarded first prize. Continuously learning, we are ready to improve even further!

Wind Turbine Contest

From July 2 to July 4, 2014, we attended the international Wind Turbine Design Contest held at NHL University in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. Seven of our eleven team members took the 700-km-trip together with photographer Rasmus Borrmann.

During the first two days, the turbine was tested at the open jet facility of TU Delft. We had a great time meeting the four other participating teams. It was especially interesting how versatile the solutions were that the participants came up with.

Although we put a lot of effort into designing the turbine, we found ourselves really excited at the contest because the turbine’s power output had never been tested before. Luckily, the HOLI 300 ran smoothly and scored first with exceptionally good results.

About Us

The HOLI 300 project team joined forces in October 2013 to
build a small wind turbine. Over a working period of nine months
our team grew bigger, as did the challenges. We are happy that
our common efforts resulted in the production of the HOLI 300.

Our shared motivation is to practically apply our knowledge and
to learn how to build wind turbines. We all like to experiment and
discover – this project enables us to learn from our failures
and improve, both professionally and personally.

Because we could have needed a lot of help with designing our
wind turbine, we want to offer our experiences and knowledge
to the public free of charge. Our hope is that in this way we
can motivate others to come together, to build wind turbines
and to make the world a greener and better place.

  • Proficient

    As Wind Engineering master students, wind turbines are our bread and butter. Originally coming from a variety of fields in Engineering, we have a broad range of know-how at hand.

  • Dedicated

    Offering lots of our free time for this project, we are passionate about giving our best to develop and explore wind turbines.

  • Harmonic

    Having been through highs and lows together, our team is strong and well-balanced. Continuous feedback and team events make sure we stay on track.

  • International

    Although based in Germany, our 11 team members are from all around the globe. Australia, Canada, Turkey – you name it. Working with five cultures in a single project is a lot of fun!

What others say about us

Gerard Schepers

This is to express our great appreciation for the performance of the team of Flensburg/Kiel University in the small wind turbine contest as held at NHL in July 2014.

The appreciation is not only for their performance in terms of technology (their turbine had the best power curve of all 5 competing teams) but also for their social skills. It was a pleasure to have them with us!’

Gerard SchepersProfessor Wind Energy at University of Applied Sciences NHLNHL
Roeland Waterlander

We are very grateful to have had the Flensburg/Kiel University team on our competition. With your great team spirit, motivation and performance and a very innovative construction method, you delivered a unique design, which had a great performance. Hope to see you again next year.

Roeland WaterlanderJunior Researcher Wind energy at University of Applied Sciences NHLNHL